Contact: remanuelsson@hotmail.com

Han Veltman 1928, Amsterdam.

Lives in Sweden, Stockholm since 1951.


Kunstnijverheidsschool, Amsterdam

Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam.

Ecole des beaux arts, Paris. Prof. Eduard Goerg.

Drawing lessons at Artacademie Stockholm by Prof. Brorhjort


Artiststipendium Stockholm.

Artiststipendium Czech Republic.


Nykøping Artistsociety.

Gallery Bla Paletten, Stockholm.

Gallery Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Artsociety Farsta

Gallery Mai-li, Stockholm.

Townhall Staro Mesti, Prague.

Gallery Mollbrink, Upsala.

Gallery Arioso, Stockholm.

Gallery Timmendorf, Lübeck, Germany.

World Trade Centre, Dubai.

Gallery Westerberg, Stockholm.

Gallery Uggla, Stockholm.

Gallery Couleur, Stockholm.

Gallery Moldau, Stockholm.

Gallery Apart, Stockholm.

Gallery Pråstgård. øverkalix.

Volvo Showroom, Stockholm.

Gallery SE. Falun.

Gallery Konst och Kakor, Stockholm.


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